Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My Summer Vacation, 2.0

Little Cuter wondered about my favorite joke.  

The Universe.

After all, man plans, God laughs.  If it's good enough to crack up the All Mighty, it's good enough for me.

But that joke keeps me sane.  I like my routine.  I don't do well when it is disrupted.  I can adapt, and put a smile on my face, but the initial shock is often overwhelming.  I'm often unpleasant when I am overwhelmed.  Therefore, I try to stay whelmed at all times.  (There's another of those if-it's-not-a-word-it-should-be's.)

So, when TBG, the original Mr. I Hate to Travel, wondered why we weren't staying longer in the Midwest, it took me a moment or two to adjust.  

I made these plans just a few hours after Giblet arrived in the world.  For future reference, I will remember to resist planning with a woman who has just birthed a baby.  On the other hand, her father loves sleeping in his own bed, so a short jaunt was not un-called for.  I sighed then I laughed out loud.  Why was I feeling angsty?  I was getting to spend more time in my favorite city with some of my favorite people, and TBG was instigating the whole thing.

I told Little Cuter that we were extending our stay in the Midwest, and wondered if she wanted us for the weekend.  It turns out that Gramma and Grampa could be useful, that our presence was a blessing, that she'd pick us up at the train station, that she was so glad.

Is there anything better than making your kids happy, just by being there?  

I'm having a really nice summer vacation, even if school is starting here on Thursday.  

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