Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Internet Connectivity Issues

We are traveling, taking a break from the kiddos and visiting old friends.  Old, long-standing, dear, true, kind, thoughtful friends.

They all have internet access.  I have devices that elude connecting.

I tried, with Mr. Dreamicakes’s assistance, to charge and attach my phone and my iPad to the World Wide Web.  I had the password, I was on the right screen, but an incomprehensible error message from my carrier kept appearing.

I went upstairs, I went downstairs, I used the devices with all the switches and buttons and on/off controls turned one way and the other.  I failed.

I tried in the car, driving from the suburbs to the city.  I failed.

Now, having deposited the rental car, comfortable on the Dr’s N’s couch, I decided to try again.

I have high hopes.

It’s not the post I intended to share, but it managed to get posted so I am satisfied.

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