Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I'm Disillusioned

The President can't even get the flag right.

People I care about wonder why we're venerating John McCain.

Michael Avenatti has crushed my crush by openly discussing a run for the Presidency. 

Someday someone will have to explain to Giblet that his President-When-I-Was-Born was brought down by a porn star.  (Mine, Dwight D. Eisenhower, also had a checkered relationship with marital fidelity.  He or his minions might well have paid off or intimidated those in the know, but without a 24 hour news cycle fueled by social media and our insatiable desire for instant fame, who knows?)

Did I mention that I'm disillusioned?

It's the day before we vote, and Martha McSally just ran an ad targeting the presumed Democratic candidate, rather than attacking either of her Republican Primary opponents or touting her political alliance with DJT.  Of course, she's running against a woman who lost last time and Sheriff Joe, the pardoned felon of Phoenix (the p's and f's in that phrase (!) are interesting).

On the Democrat's ballot, I'll be voting for the voice I'd like to see in Congress, rather than the person I think will win.  I'll vote for their candidate in the general, but I'd like to be enthusiastic about my choice.  The chances of that are slim.

And there's Disillusioned Smurf, raising her wild blue curls once again.

And the worst? Last Tuesday,  I went to the UofA with NextGen.org, their Arizona voter registration forms, my American Flag T-shirt, a smile and a spiel.  "Hi! Are you registered to vote?"  25% of them said Yes! with enthusiasm, about half ignored me or nodded and walked on or weren't eligible.  But the last 25% worry me the most. 

"I don't want to."  "I don't like to vote." 

My astonished WHY??? (and yes, I gasped at each and every one of them) was met with a vacant stare, or a flip of the hair, a vague repetition of I don't wanna, or, more pathetically, I don't know.

I lasted less than an hour, walking up the steps to my rooftop parking space, fuming.  People went to jail so that you could vote.  We lowered the age of eligibility so that you could vote.  It's the world you will inherit; don't you want to have a say in how it's run? 

In the end, I comforted myself with the happiness in the lead organizer's young eyes.  "You registered two voters today!  Good for you!" 

I'm working with that image as I try to push Disillusioned back into her appropriate corner.


  1. Disillusioned and depressed here.
    I guess we might as well admit that politics mostly attracts those attracted to power, not necessarily those of integrity and upright character.
    Funny you mentioned Eisenhower. My father was part of his military escort during WWII and he had absolutely nothing good to say about the man. Although I was a child at the time, I clearly remember having a dread fear that men in suits were going to come to the door and take my father away for saying things about the president. I think something of the McCarthy era goings on somehow filtered into my young brain.
    Well, I am glad my parents don't have to endure the Trump era.

    1. And that McCarthyism filtering into your young brain is why Little Cuter and SIR have kept DJT out of FlapJilly’s life. She can, though, recognize Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

  2. Oh, that is depressing. "I don't want to vote"!!! It would make me want to swear and shake them.
    Arizona politics makes the national news a lot. What is it there? Heat stroke?

    1. I was SO ANGRY!! That's why I left.... I couldn't be certain I wouldn't slap them :-/
      Arizona was trending blue when we moved here and I'd say it's purple right now. We have our fair share of crazies, too, but maybe the newspeople just like our weather?!?\\


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