Monday, August 27, 2018

Doing Good Deeds While Sweating

Once again, Amster and her boys invited me to join them in Doing a Good Deed.
We volunteered at the Diaper Bank's warehouse, filling orders from job training sites
and local school districts and a variety of helping organizations around the county.   
It was hot and sweaty and worthwhile.
You can't go to pre-school if you have no diapers.  Your skin will break down if your adult diapers are dispensed sparingly, because they cost too much to replace every time incontinence gets the best of you.  These weren't happy thoughts for a sensitive 8th graders to cogitate, until we began to focus on the good we were doing.  
He took over the order filling and verification process.
Giving direction comes naturally to him; I was glad to toss him 36 newborn diapers.

We weren't the only ones helping out that day; Comcast Cares was there, too.
For me, it was this mother and child moment that captured it all.
They shared the task.
They shared the morning.
No one was on a phone.

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