Friday, May 12, 2017

What's a Citizen To Do?

Chris Matthews just asked the question that's been rattling around in my head all week - How is this  happening in America?

Is it possible that the Director of the FBI told the subject of an investigation that he was not the subject of an investigation? The President of the United States cited three instances where that happened.

The Vice President and the White House talking heads spent yesterday telling us that the decision to fire Comey was the result of the analysis presented by the Acting Director..... even though the Acting Director has vehemently denied that he should shoulder the blame.  Today, the President took full responsibility for the firing.

Did the FBI ask for more funds for an investigation that the Deputy White House Mouthpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, claims is winding down?  I'm watching Senators promise to continue their investigation, listening to talking heads telling me that the rank and file of the FBI are battening down the hatches and forging forward, and the Executive Branch is claiming that it's a tempest in a teapot.

The Administration is planning to send thousands of troops into Afghanistan.  Russian media had access to a Presidential meeting that American media did not.  A Commission has been created to investigate Trump's claim of millions of illegal votes denying him a win in the popular vote.  And the subject of an investigation fired the person doing the investigating.

Where is my America?  Where are the checks and balances? Why didn't the Senate Intelligence Committee ask Mr Rosensteinto clarify the Comey firing?

And why does the DCCC keep sending me emails asking for money? What have they done for me lately?  Politics is local these days.  Individuals stepping up to the plate, defending our own interests, is all that is left for us.

So.  Here's what I suggest.  Bind your anxiety, harness your passions, and step up to the keyboard. and takes you to your elected representative's webpage.  There's a Contact button on every page, sometimes at the top, sometimes all the way at the bottom.  Click through, fill out the form (try to decide which category Possible Impeachment falls under) and send your message on its way.  JannyLou and I have been visiting our Senators' and Representative's local office, sharing our concerns with District Directors, leaving notes when they are not available.  They tell us that contacting them everyday is not annoying..... it is welcomed.

And so I've been screaming at the television and typing to Congress.  I an fuming while listening to NPR and then I pull into Jeff Flake's parking lot and share my fury with the poor sweet young thing behind the bullet-proof glass.  And, I'm encouraging you to do the same.  It's all that is left for us.... because this is what a citizen is to do.

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  1. There's also Resistbot. Text Resist to 50409. It will walk you through how to send faxes to any or all of your legislators on any topic you'd like. You enter info and the bot creates the fax, shows it to your for editing and then sends it. I love this because they end up with an actual piece of paper they must deal with.


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