Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Playing Catch Up - Movies

Some movies can be watched over and over and over again, starting anywhere and stopping when something else comes along.  I looked at what we've been watching and realized that is the perfect description of April's viewing.

Dial M For Murder - Ray Milland is icy cold and  may be my favorite British policeman of all time.(John Williams is his name; you've seen him everywhere and always wondered, haven't you?) It's Hitchcock but never terrifying; it's a good, old-fashioned mystery told by a master filmmaker.

The Thin Man- All three of the films are worth watching, but this is my favorite.

Some Like It Hot- This film has changed over the years.  The gender bending was an amusing gimmick when I saw it 40 some years ago; in 2017 it's quite profound.  Joe E Brown's Well, nobody's perfect (when Jack Lemmon admits he's a man) and Lemmon's resigned slide back into his seat told me a different story this time around.

The Lady Eve- Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda and William Demarest and Charles Coburn and Eugene Pallette, with Preston Sturges at the helm.  It's perfect.

How To Marry a Millionaire- Watching Lauren Bacall sell off her rented furniture while trying not to fall in love makes up for the times I want to tell Marilyn Monroe to get over herself.

And then there were two new ones:
Knight Without Armor- Robert Donat and Marlene Dietrich escape Siberia in 1917.  The history lessons were as interesting as the plot.  Why do all Russia-based movies insist on having us watch people walk across vast empty cold windswept snowy expanses of nothingness?

Smart Blonde- How can you resist a reporter named Torchy Blane?  The movie begins in media res; I suppose the 1937 audience knew that the policeman was her boyfriend before the film began.  The plot is quirky and so are the relationships.  There are lots of them in the series.

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