Thursday, May 11, 2017

Anxiety - A Snippet

Relaxed and gliding easily across the hallway, loosened by my massage, with no particular demands on my time, I was blissfully calm.

TBG's "UNBELIEVABLE!" brought me right back to reality.  An hour later, the nurse taking my blood pressure wondered why it was up around 146/90.  We agreed to blame the machinery, although I had no doubt that it was more of Donald Trump's handiwork.

Poor Jim Comey, finding out he was fired because the televisions behind him said so.  Poor Jim Comey, finding his law school classmates agreeing on his love of the limelight.  Poor Jim Comey and his tummy ache.... we are all suffering for his distress.

The talking heads are having a field day with this shitstorm... and shitstorm it most certainly is.  They are creating scenarios and explanations and long term reasoning and strategy and I'm getting hoarse from screaming that which is obvious, which has been obvious since the beginning of his campaign, since The Apprentice, since he decided to become a brand.

The Donald is interested in one thing and one thing only - The Donald.

Comey was getting headlines.  Sally Yates schooled Ted Cruz.  The FBI wanted more money to investigate the fake news about Russia.  Firing the FBI Director would certainly change the narrative.

The fact that the White House is surprised that Democrats aren't jumping for joy with this announcement is another example of just how tone deaf they are.  There are serious issues here - a President disparaging judges, a Vice President disparaging an entire state, a Majority Leader refusing to investigate that which needs investigation, and a serious lack of heroism from the Republicans.

It's a defining moment - for them, for us, for our country.  I wish I weren't so pessimistic about the outcome.


  1. THIS is why the hubs and I are not currently traveling except to places we can drive to. Or should that be "places to which we can drive?" Anyway, watching the airline related mayhem on the news is just gruesome. I do hope you are not flying Spirit airlines. Stout heart, it'll be fun to spend the time with Little Cuter.

  2. Just when I thought I was getting over some of my anxiety from the crap job I had, it's back again. WHY is it so hard for Congress to do the right thing? We need a special prosecutor now. I actually am quite scared right now. Scared that he's going to get away with it and that he has been going unchecked for so long. NO ONE is stepping up to the plate and treating this with the urgency it demands. Our democracy is in deep trouble.

    And it is enough to even get my blood pressure up and I have low blood pressure. Here's to popping another Klonopin. It's the only thing that is calming my nerves at this time.

    Hope you are enjoying your trip with Little Cuter.

    Sending hugs!

    Megan xxx


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