Thursday, May 18, 2017

He's a Fine Man

TBG and I know Robert Mueller.  He's smart.  He's quietly powerful.  He has a good heart and a strong moral compass.  He is compassionate.  He loves this country and the rule of law.  He's exactly the kind of person who should be Special Counsel - whether you love this President or hate him.

He visited me - twice - during my first few days in the hospital, I was awake the second time; when he and his entourage left I snarked to my FBI Liaison Lady that it must have been a PR stunt. She got up from her chair and into my face.

"Oh, no. Absolutely not.  He came twice.  Twice.  The Director of the FBI came to see you twice because he cares about you and what happened to you."

She sat down and smiled at me and it was then that I realized that I was involved in more than a shooting in front of my grocery store.  This had national importance - a Federal Judge had been assassinated.  A member of Congress was clinging to life.  Some of those asking me questions, with their suits and guns and earwigs, were County sheriffs and detectives. But some were US Attorneys and FBI agents and their boss was in the room.... and it was my room.... and he came twice.

That's not all.

A week or so after I came home, the mail carrier brought me an embossed envelope and the nicest note, welcoming me home, hoping I was doing well, and reassuring me that he was thinking of me and mine and would do what was needed.  It was handwritten, in cursive.  It was signed Bob.

A real mensch, as G'ma would say.

Several years later, after the trial and the sentencing and the incarceration, the Director returned to Tucson.  His mission was to thank the professionals who had worked on the case; his pleasure, he told us, was meeting with us, the survivors and the families.

He said that after he stopped hugging me.  I introduced myself and before I got past I'm he said Suzi, oh, of course and then the hug began... and went on.... as he patted my back.... as I felt safe and valued.

There were some prepared remarks and he answered our questions and he told one of us to have her son contact him if he did want to be an agent and then he was gone and we were left in his glow.

And today, when I posted a three sentence version of this on Facebook some of those who were there weighed in, agreeing that he was fair and impressive....and some of those agreeing read Breitbart News.

I'm just sayin'.....  he's a fine man, no matter what your politics.

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