Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trip Planning

I have a tummy ache.  It's not physical, it's psychological.  It's absurd.  I'm planning a fun getaway with Little Cuter and my stomach is in my throat.  It's not fun at all.  There are so many moving pieces.

Did my reservation for the event arrive in a timely fashion?  I mailed the preprinted postcard, but I spent last night - at 2, at 3:17, at 4:46 - worrying about the sanctity of the mails.  This morning  I sent a follow-up email, just to be sure.

Little Cuter and I are meeting in the Houston airport.  Do I want to save a little bit of money by arriving 3 hours after she does?  Not really, not at all, no I don't.... but the frugal me is worming a hole in my gut as I contemplate spending more than I must to get where I'm going.  Convenience is everything to me these days; I just hate to pay for it.

The car rental was going to be easy.  I'd pull up all the sites, enter my data, and choose the least expensive way to drive two hours to Glaveston.  Sure.  At one time I had all my car rental membership codes on a pink spreadsheet.  this morning, all I can find is the list of credit card numbers.  Even that is useless; I created it when we were still living in California and most of the cards are cancelled or expired.  I am certain that there are discounts if I ma enrolled. I am certain that I am enrolled.  But Enterprise wants me to input my member number before I can change my (forgotten) password and if I had the member number I'd probably have the password, too, but I don't have either and my language is not fit for polite society right now.

Hertz had me sign up all over again.  I opened the Dollar and Alamo sites, stared, signed and closed them.  I don't have what they want and I'm too peeved to deal with what they need.  I want the Enterprise rental anyway; it's ne-third the price of the on-site companies.  I just have to figure out how to arrange it.

The hotel was a simple matter.  The event has a home page with links to two suggestions.  One is right on the beach and half the price; wer're confirmed for a two queen bed room at a reasonable rate, with a request for foam pillows and a room away from the elevator.  That took five minutes, including comparing the two properties' amenities.  I dawdled a while, enjoying the photos of the pool and the ocean.  That was my happy break, before I went back to the airline conglomerators and the individual sites and tried to find a way to make the travel less onerous.

I failed.

I'll consult with my traveling companion and confirm the flights adn the car and then I'll try to put the trip into the Planned and I'm Excited box in my brain.  Right now it is stuck in the Have I Covered All my Bases? bin.

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