Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Visiting D.C.

It was nice of the DC police to bring a motorcade to DCA to greet us.
It was rainy and the taxi line was stalled until the dignitaries departed.  We waited and were reminded why we live in Tucson. Big City traffic, so many people, attitude galore.....thoughts about our plans and  family and friends awaiting us kept smiles on our faces.  Our taxi driver took us to our Marriott in the heart of the District - across from the American Art and Portraiture museum and the Spy Museum and the Verizon Center and so many delicious choices for an early dinner.  We unpacked and took palliative medications and headed out, past the Farmers' Market vendors under their tents, and into the pictures place. 
American heroes surrounded us, from Elvis
to Shirley Temple. 
 There was an exhibition of war journalists' photos, but we weren't in the mood to see young people damaged by death, so we continued out into the main galleries, admiring the portraits of those 20th Century Americans deemed honorable enough to be included in the nation's portrait gallery.  
We had Colin Powell looking powerful,
and Kate Hepburn looking relaxed.
Jose Limon, dance master, stunned me with his cheek bones.
Marian Anderson's poise and power stopped us in our tracks. 
That we planned this trip in order to  hear Auntie M sing at DAR Constitution Hall, where Ms Anderson was denied permission to sing because of the color of her skin..  well,  that just made the portrait even more special.
There was more,so much more, but this reimagining of Washington Crossing the Delaware, created by Asian American artist...... was the star of our afternoon.
More tomorrow.

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