Monday, May 15, 2017

A Travel Day

It rained on Tuesday and it was cloudy on Wednesday.  I wore long pants - in May! in Tucson! - and still felt a chill.  That weather is following us cross-country as we fly, on Thursday, to Washington, D.C. Auntie M will be joining her chorale on stage in Constitution Hall, and we will be there to hear it.

I have comfortable walking shoes and I have attractive walking shoes and I have serviceable hiking shoes and I think I'll need all of them every day.  I'm sure I have a raincoat, somewhere, and I know that there's a collapsible umbrella in my car-basket, but I'm glad this is not envisioned as a sightseeing trip.

It's family first and for that we can certainly be inside.  I will finally get to the Newseum, which has been closed or moving or under renovation every time I tried to visit in the past.  There are other museums surrounding our hotel, free ones (unlike the Newseum, as Brother has reminded me), which can serve to amuse us when we are not being amused by really good relatives.

But, the plane leaves at 5:59am and I have to make a decision about those shoes.......

And just how dressed up does a Senior Citizen get?  Brother wears sneakers to everything; TBG has been seeking my reassurance that he can do the same.  Why, I wonder, am I so reluctant to take my own advice and Be Comfortable?

I'm leaning toward taking them all; I get one free carry on, after all.


  1. Always go with the comfortable shoes! You might enjoy looking at Today's post is about shoes.

  2. Between a ganglion cyst and plantar fasciitis, I go for comfortable and healthy shoes-- fortunately I found some sandals that fit in that category-- otherwise it's tennis shoes


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