Monday, September 19, 2016

Yarn Bombing

YarnBomber is coming to Tucson. Stephen Duneier, the YarnBomber, is a true polymath.  This, from his website, is what he does when he's not covering the mountains around Santa Barbara with yarn:
He teaches Decision Analysis and Behavioral Investing in the College of Engineering at the University of California, publishes independent research, coaches the world's most experienced and successful institutional investors through Bija Advisors, and give talks around the world on macroeconomic related topics, as well as how to improve performance through a more mindful approach to decision making. He also does a special motivational talk just for K-12 students entitled, "Bija: Seeds of Dreams"
All that, and he had time on Saturday night to Skype with Tucsonans at TedX's gathering of collaborative fiber artists... part of the Dreamer creative team.... even if we didn't know we were worthy of such a designation until he told us so.

He's coming to Tucson, to cover parts of downtown and the University with alien campsites.

He took his inspiration from John Lennon's Imagine:
There is something magical about people of all ethnicities, colors, races, and religions, wealthy and poor alike, joining together from every corner of the map for a collective experience of pure whimsy. In moments like that, you realize, you’re not the only dreamer after all.
Is it any wonder the project inspired me?

6pm found me driving the Uv to The Rail Yard, a repurposed collaborative workspace, where TedX has a desk and some files, courtesy of a lovely landlord.  This is the scene when you walk through the warehouse-like roll up metal door.
Behind the couch is the great outdoors.
We could see the fireworks (which I mistook for a shooting star) over the UofA Football Stadium without doing more than turning our heads.  The breeze was gentle, the moon was nearly full, and the company was extraordinary.  

This is Miss Mary, leader of TedX Tucson, who is organizing the event. She was perforated when I was, back in 2011.  It's no wonder that the installation will go live on January 7th... our weekend.
There were nametags
and there was food
and there was yarn 
donated and brought by participants
and there were knitters in all poses

Some were new to the craft, some of us were crocheting, and Miss Mary kept busy making sure that we were all fed and hydrated and admiring the work which had already been donated.

Yes, she asked me to pose with the alien beastie and the projects she's already collected and, of course, I was up for anything.  

If you want to participate, there will be another gathering in a few weeks. 
The artist will be there.
So will I.


  1. This is so fantastic and fun. I had no idea what the "Yarnbomber" movement was until now. And here you go again, being all cool & making the world a better place. Pure awesomeness all around...

    1. Making the world a better place is my mission in life!

  2. Sounds like a great project. I love whimsy.

    1. There were lots of giggles, dkzody! It's going to be soooo much fun!

    2. There were lots of giggles, dkzody! It's going to be soooo much fun!


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