Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's a Dry Heat

I have proof.

In the time it took me to hang the rest of the not-in-the-dryer basket
this blouse 
went from damp to dry.

I came inside, wrote the verbiage for this post, and came back to add this picture
because in the time it took me to write the rest of this for you, it, too, could be hung, dry, in my closet.

I may have to water my containers twice a day, I may have to contend with pack rats nesting behind my pool's heater, I may never get to wear all my wonderful winter clothes, but the truest truism of all is
I've just given you the proof.


  1. I always laugh at this statement. Heat is heat in my book. I do love drying clothes outside though. And it's greener. ;)

    I would miss having four seasons though--including winter. I hate being cold, but I do love how pretty snow is. The weather here in DC has been very beautiful. Today it will be hotter than it has been, but very little humidity--which makes 90 degrees bearable. ;)

    Happy Tuesday.

    Megan xxx

    1. It's the humidity that takes it out of you - 85 in Chicago is much worse for me than 105 in Tucson.

      I do miss the snow ... but not shoveling or slipping on it.

  2. We have missed the dry heat this summer in Seattle. The towels do not dry between showers.

  3. As clothes hang to dry rather than running forever in the dryer, I wax ecstatic about the dry heat we have here. I too can hang wet clothes and find them dry within a half hour. Not so in the winter, though. Clothes could hang for days then and not be dry.

    1. And for us, thought the sun is lower and somewhat less intense, drying outside is still preferable to running the dryer.


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