Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finding Happiness

It's right there next to love and hope, according to my Humanities Seminar's professor, Dr. Albrecht Classen.

Humans, he said, "destroy ourselves and keep on going.  Why?  The human spirit!"

That's love and hope and happiness all rolled up into one lovely package, tied with a ribbon of all of us.  "We are looking for light."

It was cold and drizzling this morning.  Monday during the school year brings out many more cars than Thursdays in the summertime; my commute to class took the same amount of time, but there were many more idiots annoying me.  The parking lot was filled, not just the prime spaces, but the ones in the middle of the middle, too. The wind at my back hurried me across the street just a little bit faster than I'd anticipated.

But, I had hope.  I was on my way to a favorite professor talking about interesting works I'd never have found, let alone read, on my own.  There were fourteen chairs arranged in a semi-circle around the podium; it was going to be a seminar and not a lecture class and I was thrilled.  There were old friends and new friends and strangers still to meet and greet, but at our break a new friend and I spent much so much time talking about love and happiness and hope and survival that the rest of them started without us.

Happiness, creeping around the edges of a gloomy day.

Have you ever thought about the 7 Deadly Sins as spokes on the wheel of life?

Do you agree with Gerhardt the Good that you can only do good if you are not looking for praise - from God or man?

Do you enjoy the History of Mentality or are you more interested in the History of Emotions?

I'm happily hoping that I'm going to love the rest of questions he asks this semester.  I'll keep you posted.

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