Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Days

Despite the fact that her mother and I have spent the past few nights not sleeping, worrying about how FlapJilly would react to spending the whole day at school instead of at home with her personal nanny, the little one surprised us all.

SIR dropped her off this morning.  He opened the door, and she yelped with delight.

YAY, Pre-School! she cried as she ran into the room.  She didn't blink an eye when her Daddy left.

How dare she take it so easily when her maternal units have been stressed to the max about it?

TBG had the answer:

"Just look at the picture you took of Little Cuter on the First Day of School"
It's that same wide open  attitude, embracing the world and all its adventures, that put 
on my granddaughter's lips.

If only her mom and I could have been as relaxed about it as the kid was.


  1. Ha. I knew this year, First Grade, was going to be a snap. Grand Girls best friend is in her room again. But, we do worry, don't we. We have already lives this once or twice with other children and we know where future pain might be. We can't protect them though. Maybe they should be protecting us. LOL

    1. Grand Girl! I love that!
      They do protect us,,,, with their smiles!

  2. I think we worry more than they do. I thought my eleven year-old was going to hate her first day at orientation, but she came home said she loved it. I was totally shocked. They always surprise us and those who love learning will always be excited about a new school.

    Here's to many more days of enjoying school.

    Megan xxx

    1. "those who love learning will always be excited about a new school. "
      THIS is my new mantra!


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