Friday, September 16, 2016

End Robo Calls Forever

No, it's not an interwebs meme.  It's a used by yours truly, totally free, delightfully easy way to end those calls from Nancy-at-Customer-Service-There-is-nothing-wrong-with-your-account-I-want-to-sell-you.

Never again.

I don't know if it works on cell phones (it looks like there might be a charge, but I didn't investigate any further), but I'm guessing that many denizens still have a land line.

When you can answer your land line, go to

It takes less than 5 minutes.  Your phone will ring once.

And then, whenever a telemarketer, a Medicare Specialist, an IRS scammer or any other robocaller tries to disturb you, you'll hear one ring, and then silence.  And the absence of that second ring is quite satisfying.

You can thank me in Comments.


  1. Thank-you!! Thank-you!! I have call blocking feature but this is so much easier.

  2. The only time my landline rings is from Robo calls. We have caller ID and I don't know any of the numbers that call, so I will be doing this, once I get home.
    Thanks Ashleigh.

  3. My carrier is not supported. :(

  4. Oh, I'm checking this out. Thank YOU!

    Megan xxx


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