Wednesday, September 21, 2016

He Drove My Car.....

He rearranged the mirrors and the position of the driver's seat.  He reorganized the air vents and reset the thermostat on the air conditioner.  I didn't have a problem with any of that.

He pushed the green ECON button and The Uv moved sprightly down the road as he chauffeured Fast Eddie and JannyLou and me to dinner.  

Did we lock the car?  He says he asked me why I didn't do it from the remote key.  I remember telling him that I'd pushed the button on the door.

After a lovely dinner and scintillating conversation, we returned to the parking lot to find the Uv's lights blazing into the night.  I leave the selection wand on AUTO; the lights come on when it's necessary and turn off with the engine.  I was confused.  I walked on ahead, sat behind the wheel, and realized that the accessories were all running, the car was "on" and the battery was dead.

Hmmmmmm..... did I mention that he drove my car?

We called AAA, returned to the restaurant for a while-we-wait beer, and met the kind technician 23 minutes later.  He jumped the battery, we drove home, but the mystery remained unsolved.  TBG is not the kind of person who forgets to turn off the car.  In fact, he made that point several times on the ride home, at one point describing his actions in stentorian tones
I double pushed it and got out of the car.
Double pushed it? Yes, because that's how he turns off his BMW.  My little Honda, so much less refined, needs but one tap to shut itself off.  Once it's off, one light tap turns on the accessories.  So, a double tap turns it off and then half-way on.... just enough to drain the battery and offer Fast Eddie the opportunity to try another craft beer as we waited for help.

Because she knew that I'd be devastated if she didn't, The Uv started right up when I bounded out of bed with plenty of time to deal with AAA again if she had disappointed me.  Nope, my girl was right there for me, not angry one little bit that I'd let him drive my car.


  1. OMG, I had to laugh at this post. Our new i3 does turn off when one push of the button and one push turns it on. There isn't any half way. I can relate to this post in so many ways. AND our X5 does have the in-between where you can turn it off, then somewhat on and then on. So it's not even the same on all BMWs. Wish everyone would get onboard with the same process.

    One thing I'm curious about. If he had pushed it half way, on our BMW, we cannot lock the car from the button on the door. Obviously, one can on the Honda?

    At least you got to enjoy more of dinner and visiting with friends. There's always a silver lining. :)

    Megan xxx

    1. YES!!!
      To answer your question, I was outside the car when I pushed the door lock button. The car didn't turn off, but I couldn't hear the tiny little beep it makes when it's still running... only audible from the driver's side, it seems. And the car runs so quietly and we were talking to our friends so I didn't notice that the engine was humming. And I leave the lights on AUTo, so the fact that they were still on just meant that they were in the process of turning off, not that the damn thing was still running!!


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