Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Little Cuter and SIR

It's all about the love. It has been since the first time I saw them together, in Little Cuter's dorm room, at the end of her freshman hear. . She'd packed up most of her stuff, but there were stray bobby pins and scrunchies and papers lying on the floor, ready to be picked up and stowed away. SIR stood in the middle of the room, holding 5 suitcases, patiently smiling at my girl as she scurried abound, picking up the detritus of her first year away from home.  

You probably want to put those down,” I said. “This could take a while.”

I know. And it's okay,” he said, gazing at my girl the way a mommy wants a young man to gaze at her daughter. He was easy, glad to be in her aura, not at all put upon by the fact that she wasn't ready to leave. He was there because he wanted to be.

His sister invited Little Cuter to Indiana the next year, to join in her wedding festivities. “Mom,” she laughed as she called me from the Ladies' Room, “everyone says the same thing: Oh, you're Little Cuter! How do they know who I am?” The answer was simple – she was the girl he was going to marry, only neither of them knew it right then.

He followed her to Chicago and she followed him to Indiana and twelve years after I first saw them together very little has changed. They are still a team, working things out together so that the solution fits them both. There is mutual respect and understanding of the other's foibles. She needs her sleep. He needs to putter. They both need one another.

They fill each others' holes, stepping in when needed and stepping back when that's required. They giggle and they care and they love.... oh, do they love.

Today is their anniversary. Take a moment and revel in the fact that, in one little corner of our globe, two people are very very happy right now.

(edited to reflect the true number of years ... see comments below)


  1. Congratulations on 3 years of marriage, Little Cuter and SIR!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it was an even year.... but GAD you are old!!!!
      aka a/b

  3. So sweet! And they have a beautiful daughter to add to their family.

    Happy anniversary Little Cuter and SIR.

    Megan xxx

  4. Hope today is as amazing & lovely as your beautiful wedding day was....filled with love & joy. Always a treat to see FlapJilly featured here and on FB. She's just a little darling wonder of sheer delight. Cheers & warmest wishes to you both, today. Congratulations to all! :)

    Liz. :)


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