Monday, May 9, 2016

Then This Happened

Some consideration was given to creating a Mothers Day post.
Then, this happened:
The amaryllis which had languished in the potting shed was springing to life before my very eyes.
After several months of sporadic attention in the Pot Before You Are Finished For Good, the Christmas-time flower is going to be just a little late for Mothers Day.

I could not ignore its valiant efforts to please, so I moved the PBYAFFG to the courtyard, 
where, I saw these:
Overnight, these big, fleshy leaves had produced the perfect shade of lavender on straight and sturdy stalks.  Again, I couldn't ignore the magnificence; off to the garden center I went.

I transplanted unhappy osteospermum and added some gonfreda and deadheaded and amended and left some fun for tomorrow.  This gladiola began peeking out on Saturday; this was as far as she got by Sunday evening.  I'm going to entice the rest of her friends out tomorrow,
 as I end my planting for the season.

It's a short, but wonderful, season.


  1. So pretty!

    We've had that happen too. Plants that we thought were never going to come back, do. This happens every year with the pansies in the pots on our front doorstep. Hubby says they are not supposed to come back, but they do. There must be some sort of seeds in the pots. (although, I'm not certain since I have no green thumb).

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

    Megan xxx

    1. My "annual" vinca are perrenial. So are my petunias. I don't question it, I just smile!

  2. For years, when I was working, the kids were at home, Tom's mother was departed and my mother was too many miles away, my wish on Mother's Day was to be left alone to plant out my annuals and geraniums purchased the day before. Then the four of us would have dinner together, with help with the cooking and cleaning up. Those planting days were the best gift I could have.
    Your post gives me that feeling again.

    1. Self-care, without the guilt. A perfect Mothers Day! Glad I could bring back some good memories :-)


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