Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Please, Don't Judge Me

I'm going to vote Yes on Prop.  123.

I am going against all my principles.  I don't give in to bullies.  I do not accept the basic premise of the Proposition.  They are not making any more land; once it's gone, it's gone.  The voters spoke and the Governor and his lackey Legislature refused to act on the electorate's mandate and instead gave us this awful Sophie's Choice.  This is not a long term solution; there is no promise for the future.

But, then there are these real life people.

The teacher who will get a bonus this summer.... and summer starts on Friday in our District.

The principal who watches her teachers dig into their own pockets, pay more for their health insurance, look worn down by the lack of respect shown their profession by those who think that privatizing education is the perfect solution.

The translator who knows that his relationship with the Somali and Sudanese 5 and 6 and 7 year old students can continue in the fall.

And so, I am opting for the immediate fix, the short term solution, the money that's here now vs the money which should be given if there were justice in the world and officials of integrity in Phoenix.

The last time I cried on Election Day, Little Cuter filled in the blank for Ralph Nader.  I couldn't ask anyone to do this for me, though.  It's an awful, ugly, unfortunate choice.  I'm more than a little teary.


  1. Your last paragraph describes the presidential election perfectly. I won't vote for the clown but I'll have a really hard time voting for this particular woman.

  2. Thanks for helping me with my own decision about this. I am going to follow your example. Now, for the love of heaven, what in the hell am I going to do about the presidential election? Sigh

  3. I stuck to my principles, with regret. I will also be working to change the makeup of our state legislature (and other layers of government, too) in hopes of electing some people who have the capacity to think for the future. Gah

  4. I had to vote against it, although I know all too well all the challenges teachers face. This is where a strong union would really help. But alas, we live in a (no) Right to Work state! We have to elect more people to state offices who want to work on behalf of the people instead of against us. 😢

  5. And here we are, divided 2 and 2. We are all right. We don't disagree. I feel awful and it seems that you do, too.

    GAH is right, Opus.


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