Thursday, May 5, 2016

Donald J Trump Redux

Though this archive edition was first posted in April, 2011, it spoke to me today.

John Kasich and Ted Cruz have suspended their campaigns, and Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States.  I can't believe I just typed that sentence.

The donor base is reluctant to give to the RNC's Presidential campaign fund, according to the talking heads.  The down ticket candidates are squirming.  And five years ago, newly perforated, returning to the world after 14 weeks of bed rest, my outrage was as potent as it is now.  I asked it then and I ask it now:
How did this happen?
A Charming Rascal
(first published April 15, 2011)

First things first : What is it with the hair?

Second : Is this really happening?

The man has been married three times and is looking to be embraced by the family values crowd.

He's lost more money in more real estate deals than we'll all make in our collective lifetimes and he wants us to put him in charge of the federal budget.

I thought it was strange here in Arizona, but maybe the rest of you ought to sit up and take a look at what's happening out there.  Or maybe you have already noticed, and I've been too self-absorbed to realize it.  But self-absorption brings us right back to Donald Trump, doesn't it.

Watching the talking heads this afternoon - and yes, it is nice to be doing something normal for a change - I was struck by the tone of the comments.  Chris Matthews was a guest at one of the Donald's weddings.  He wass bemused by his friend's antics.  There was none of his usual ranting and raving in his reportage.  Similarly, TIME magazine's man laughed at himself; the interview Trump dominated was shameless self-promotion, but TIME didn't mind.  It was a great time.

Trump is a clown, a man who made a mockery of himself on television. He seems unaware of this face. He's putting second-tier formerly famous people through their paces and he wants me to elect him to the presidency?

I'm more than bemused.  I'm outraged.

Is this what it has come to?  A centrist Democrat holds an open air forum and takes a bullet to her brain.  A woman from middle America tests the presidential waters while momentarily misplacing Lexington and Concord.  Our president plays rope-a-dope with the budget while the elderly and their children wonder if Tea Party zealots have aging parents, too.  And The Donald wants to be President.

What has been going on since I've left you people in charge?


  1. I thought I responded to this yesterday, but I guess I hadn't. I cannot believe you wrote that in 2011. I didn't realize he tried to run then too. I'm majorly peeved at the media for enabling Drumpf to get this far. Yes, I wrote it like that on purpose. Cannot even stand to write his name out. They have given him so much airtime and that's why the zealots are coming out in droves. They made him appear mainstream and the bigots think it's mainstream to be openly bigoted. He gave them a voice and the media played right into it. I have friends in the UK and they are just gob-smacked that someone like Drumpf could get this far in US politics.

    I despair and want this election over with.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Megan xxx

    1. Read Leonard Pitts and George Will in their Sunday Op Ed pieces. They can't believe it, either.


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