Monday, May 16, 2016

Men have been smiling at me all day.

In the parking lot after breakfast with Brenda Starr.  Amid the fruits and vegetables at the market.  In front of the large print books in the library.

It's nearing triple digit temperatures, so I wasn't wearing a parka and boots, but my flouncy skirt brushes the top of my knees and my white linen tank top is more boxy than form fitting.  I had no flashy jewelry and my only make up was sunscreen.

Why was this surprising? Those of you who have reached the stage of invisibility know the answer - one of the perks of cronehood is the ability to pass unnoticed through a crowd.  My presence is acknowledged in that I occupy space.  Beyond that, admiring glances are few and far between.

That's not altogether a bad thing.  Ogling is unpleasant at best, terrifying at worst, and the line between them is anyone's to draw.  Being noticed that way is akin to being judged, and often my book is much more interesting than my cover.

Yet, for some reason, today I was the recipient of random, admiring gazes.

It was lovely.  It was weird.  It was vaguely creepy, in a where am I who am I why is this happening way.

I thought I'd share it here and be done with it.  I don't know that it requires analysis, but I can't seem to let it go.


  1. Ha. Love it. You must have been putting out the "I'm in love with the World" vibe or you looked so scary they were afraid not to be nice. Seriously, it is a good feeling to be noticed and have someone smile at you. And sadly it is rare that we are seen anymore. That being said, when you got it, enjoy it.

  2. You must have been radiating your inner beauty.

  3. I like when men smile at me, but I rarely notice it. When I do, sometimes I find it amusing and other times I find it annoying. Depends how it's done I guess. Although, no one has ogled over me in a long time. I'm with you though... I never know how to take it.

    BUT... you are a beautiful woman; so relish that other people see you that way too (just like we do here).

    Megan xxx


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