Friday, May 27, 2016

Good Mail

My sister was cleaning out her basement; I received this in yesterday's mail.

I have a vague memory of sitting for this silhouette, but the location keeps shifting between Mrs. Fleming's first grade classroom and my parents' basement.

The long pony tail is most certainly mine, though, and I'll frame my underbite, give thanks to my parents for orthodontia, and add it to the wall of fame in our garage.
The USPS believed her when she wrote DO NOT BEND everywhere.  It was her handwriting on the oversized, flat, Priority Mail envelope leaning on my front door, in the same way as this was my face. She was saying hello before I saw the printed return address.

 It was a good day to get the mail.  And today it was even better.

Instead of retirement planning seminars and Medicare Supplement plans filling my mailbox, there was this

and this
and this.

A thank you note for a baby gift, a wish-you-were-here vacation postcard, and a bumper sticker sent with love from my favorite elected official - it was a bonanza.

Three different women who understand the value of a handwritten note - and they are all in my life.  I can share the connection further by sending the baby's grandfather a link to this post, and we'll kvell* over our wonderful children and wonder where the last 40 years have gone.

I love email for its immediacy, but snail mail is worth the wait.  I'm still smiling.

*kvell - feel happy and proud

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