Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Math Centers at Prince

Math is a tactile experience in Ms Levine's room.
The scholars build with all manner of connectable materials.
Sometimes, it's a matter of seeing how high they can stack, before collapsing in a laughable heap.
Sometimes, it's a family, out for a walk in the sunshine.
Sometimes, it's a train... which turns into a Match The Colors game.
Sometimes, you just need Grandma Suzi to take your picture.
You stand straight and tall, smiling when she counts to THREE! and then you return to your station.
Grandma Suzi loves to make kids happy, especially when all it takes is a tap of her finger on her phone.

Sometimes, there are instructions, and your leadership skills come into play.
All her "No, not that one" and "Put a green one here" pleas were for naught.
Creativity trumped the directions every time. 
Collaboration is serious stuff; interruptions are not welcome.
We did Tangram shapes (did I know what a rhombus was in kindergarten?) and we created Rube Goldberg-like towers for shiny silver marbles to roll through, and we counted.
There was a lot of serious stuff going on, but sometimes, boys just want to have fun.
An hour with 5 and 6 year olds.... it is tonic for my soul.


  1. Being that I have a kindergartener and know how much he loves to build, this just warms my heart. Sooooo cute and I love the things these kids build. So imaginative and creative. Love their GRIN t-shirts too. ;)

    Megan xxx

  2. This looks like a blessing both ways.


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