Monday, May 2, 2016

His Good Friends

Big Cuter lived with the same three guys, in a variety of configurations, for a decade or so.  Meeting on their freshman dorm floor, they lived on and off campus and then found grown-up apartments as they began their lives.  Girlfriends have come and gone, jobs have changed, more education and military service separated them geographically, yet through it all, their bond remains strong.

Their political views range from Ted Cruz to Elizabeth Warren.  They cheer for the Wizards and Golden State, the Steelers and the 49'ers.  Fortunately, they all agree that the two wives who've joined them are excellent additions to the crew.

And TBG and I love them all.

They celebrated birthdays and Easter and graduation together.  They cosseted my boy as I lay perforated in front of the Safeway.  They are in one another's lives in a way that most of us only imagine; they truly know one another.

And today, the now pregnant bride and groom of two years ago, on their babymoon in Scottsdale, took the day to drive down to Tucson to visit us.

Big Cuter's not here.  They just wanted to visit with us.  We went to lunch and sat in the sun and we watched the Warriors and we talked.  Politics and babies and families and more politics, gun safety legislation and border fences, Big Law and paid paternity leave..... we covered it all.

There were clementines and Hershey's Kisses and lots and lots of water.  There was laughter and hilarity associated with my inability to remember our wifi password, which led to a visit to Fast Eddie next door.  They left in the late afternoon, taking the scenic route back to their hotel, leaving TBG and me waving happily from the driveway.

I am so glad we've become the kind of parents our kid's friends want to visit on their vacation.  


  1. That is indeed wonderful. It's good to have younger friends.

    1. You are so right. They remind us of so much, and keep me headed in the right direction. And these kids give me such hope for Americas's future.


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