Friday, May 6, 2016

Tech Failures

I planned to post pictures of Ms Levine's class and their Math Centers.  I edited the photos on my phone, and clicked through the prompts to select them and share them, first to Blogger, then to Dropbox, then to Google Photos..... failing each time.

This is normally a simple process.  I understand it. It works.  Not so much today.

I tried to Skype with FlapJilly and Little Cuter over the weekend.  SIR and Big Bob were at Talladega; the girls were rocking out at home and I wanted to join in the fun.  Unfortunately, Skype and my internet connection were arguing; I reloaded the conversation a dozen times before we hung up.  It was no better when Grandpa came home for his turn; frustration and a 2 year old are not a winning combination.

I bought a refurbished Apple iPad Mini for Facetime purposes only.  I tried to set it up by syncing it to my Android phone; neither device was grateful for my intervention.  I tried to set it up by linking it to my Facebook account; apparently Facebook didn't like it, either.  My Apple ID is not what I think it is and so, frustrated and sweating, I activated it by creating a brand new Apple Account.

Facetime was preloaded; its icon appeared on the screen when the power came on.  Unfortunately, the connection took longer than I anticipated, and the kids were pixilated and fuzzy until the ether sorted itself out.  By the time I figured out how to unmute the device it was closing in on the baby's bedtime.  FlapJilly and I were starting to melt down, so we kissed and smiled and hung up.

I'm going for a swim in the pool and then to the Spring Carnival at Prince Elementary School with some GRIN volunteers.  If the technology genies agree, photos from this event and that event will appear next week.

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  1. I'm a 100% Apple user and should problems occur, the genius bar at the Apple store gets me sorted out.


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