Friday, January 29, 2016

We took our time getting downstairs.
There were books to read and foam candles to put in and out of the foam menorah.
But hunger overtook Grandma, so on went the clothes and downstairs we went.
Breakfast was cottage cheese (note the spoon for self feeding) and fruit and then it was time to brush brush brush those teeth.
Once again, FlapJilly asserted her independence.
She gets those back molars with enthusiasm and vigor.
It was a very soft shirt she wore for breakfast.
The sippy cup with milk was empty.
Refilling it was easy; replacing the cap was not.
I failed.
She was covered in milk.
Off went the soft pink outfit, and on went Outfit #2.... which fell victim to Grandma's Perrier bottle.
For some reason, I thought that sharing with Miss Independent was appropriate.
It was not.

I was tired of choosing outfits, so into the tub we went.
The Splash Party was so much fun, 
but naked baby pictures are not going to make their way into The Burrow
 so you'll have to use your imagination.
Be sure to include a sodden grandmother in your imagining.... the kid does like to splash!

Seret came over for lunch, bringing a guitar for the clad-only-in-a-diaper baby.
It didn't take long for her to rock out. 
Lunch was corn and lox and noodles from the bowl.
I took a clue from Little Cuter's attitude and put FlapJilly in the high chair.
After all, I do want to be invited back.

There were more books after nap time, and some Elmo on Grandma's phone, and then it was time to go to the train station and pick up Mommy. 
There's nothing better than this.

How lucky I am to share it.


  1. Are you getting tired?

    1. I left tired behind on Wednesday! I am fully into exhausted on Friday :-) But my heart is full, and I don't care. There will be time to sleep on the plane!

  2. FlapJilly is a cutie! Never too young to cultivate a taste for lox.

    1. She's already mastered bagels and cream cheese <3

  3. Lovely pictures. So sweet and snuggly.


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