Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We read books.
We ate breakfast and snacks sitting in the big girl chair,
even though Mommy said the high chair was the appropriate venue.
Grandma's a soft touch.
We cleaned up the balls, after dumping them out and picking them up and dumping them out and picking them up.  
Sometimes the basket ended up on her head, 
but books could be read through the mesh, 
so there was nothing to worry about.
There was time to love the doggie,
and then there were more books.
After nap, and a change of outfits,
we spent some time watching the migrating birds out the front window.
Thomas the Wonder Dog was as interested as we were, 
and we were very very glad that he was around.
A trip to the grocery store afforded the opportunity to wear the silliest hat that Grandma crocheted.
And then Mommy came home and joy abounded. 
The young family rested while Grandma made dinner.
They worked all day and deserved the couch time.
Sesame Street entranced them as I made spaghetti and meatballs.

It's not profound.
It's not deep.
But this post makes me very happy.


  1. Thanks for the perfect joy! You are all so very fortunate.

  2. What a beautiful child! Sounds like a perfect day for everyone.

    1. Thank you... we think she's pretty wonderful, too!


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