Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Travel Day

I left class at noon, and couldn't find anyplace enticing for lunch on the way to the airport. I parked, splurging for the $3.99 per day covered space, and was delivered to the terminal efficiently and effortlessly.  Since I leave clothes with the kids, I travel with electronics and not much else.  Packing is a breeze, and walking through the airport is a non-event.

How different this is as time passes.  It wasn't long ago that I was leaning on a cane, begging for an early boarding pass so that no one would bump me.  I'm a comfortable, confident traveler again, and it feels great.  Progress is hard to measure when all the days are the same; it takes returning to a formerly-difficult-situation to impress myself.

My change-in-DFW flight was at the gate next to the direct flight, which hadn't left yet, which had seats available, and which carried me non-stop from Tucson to O'Hare.  From the sunshine to the pouring rain.... but at least it isn't snowing.

SIR and I caught up on his work and his weekend with his daughter.  "It's not babysitting... I'm her FATHER!" was his response to co-workers' amazement that he'd be spending the weekend assuming total responsibility for his daughter's care.  Little Cuter was away, honing her craft, as he built a fort out of sheets, covering the family room and causing his little one to twirl and spin and stare at the lowered canvas above her.  He seemed none the worse for wear.

FlapJilly was awake and reticent when I walked in the door, but within a little while she was snuggling and giggling and peek-a-boo-ing .... and I was in love.  She is bigger and more beautiful, as if that were possible, and she is so much more connected to the world than she was even two short months ago.  I can hardly wait for her to wake up so we can start the fun.

The kids think I am doing them a tremendous favor by acting as the substitute babysitter for a week. If they only knew........


  1. And you aren't babysitting either. You are her grandmother spending as much time as you can with your granddaughter. I wish my parents and MIL could do this with our kids. My MIL is turning 84 tomorrow and doesn't have the energy to keep up with my kids. Relish your time and have lots of fun.

    Megan xxx

    1. I know that I am lucky, Megan... and that she is, too. FUN is the order of the day!


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