Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Snippet - The Beauty of a Throw-Away Comment

I'd been stressed about it for a while.  I asked for opinions, and, as expected, the answers revealed more about the respondents than they did anything to resolve the issue.

I was starting to cry at odd moments.  It's a tough week, and the confusion was making it worse.

Then, I reconnected with a helper-bee from years ago.  She's in a new job, but her willingness to fix things hasn't changed a bit.  I explained the problem, after swearing her to secrecy. We were discussing solutions when, in an aside, she mentioned me that what I thought was a problem was actually viewed as a positive by the other side.

The issue was in my head.  Not unusual for me, but startling nonetheless.

I started to cry.  I thanked my old acquaintance for providing relief, unwitting relief but relief all the same.

She laughed, and thanked me for thanking her.  She said I made her day.

She has no idea how important she was to mine.


  1. I'm glad you got some relief from whatever it was. This is a tough week. It still makes me cry, thinking about it.

    1. Relief..... it was like a brick was lifted off my heart!

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