Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sports Snippet - A Tempest in a Teapot

The Short Version for the Water Cooler after Sunday's NFC playoff game - The Cardinals won both coin flips.  Green Bay's defense allowed the Cardinals to score.  End of story.

The Long Version- The rule in overtime is that the team which wins the coin flip decides whether their offense or their defense will take the field first.

Please, note that I said coin flip.  This is important because the first time the coin went into the air it did not flip.  The big boys surrounding it were upset. The ref tossed it again, the Cardinals won again, and three plays later Larry Fitzgerald caught a deflected pass in the end zone and, by scoring that touchdown, sent the Cardinals to the NFC Championship Game next weekend.

The nay-sayers, read that Cheeseheads from Wisconsin, think that Aaron Rogers should have had the opportunity to change his call before the re-flip.

My response?  Oh, stop whining. 

The other complaint is that Green Bay never got the ball.  Why?  Because the rule in overtime is that if the offense scores a touchdown, the game is over.  If the defense manages to extricate the ball from the offense and score, the game is over.

It's a team game, with no I.  It was the Arizona Cardinals' offense versus the Green Bay Packers' defense, and the Cardinals triumphed.

End of game.  End of story.  End of snippet.


  1. Bully for you. We in Seattle were not so fortunate. Our Seahawks only played in the second half :-(


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