Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Hair Cutter

Jesse, he of The Wedding and G'ma and my stylist for the last 8 years, Jesse has moved to San Diego.

His Dad travels through there for work on a regular basis, often landing for several months at a time. His lover is in school there.  He's found a salon with a welcoming atmosphere, and he's slowly building his clientele.  Traveling back to Tucson every month for 7 days, styling his steady clients and reconnecting with his Mom and siblings, was too distracting.

He had to make A Decision.  December was his last month of travels.  He's committed to making a life in So Cal.  He left me despondent.

Finding the right person to touch my scalp is crazy making for me.  I am quite particular.  I know that, with the right cut, I can shower and dress and be in the car in ten minutes; my hair is an afterthought.  I towel it dry and run my hands through the strands and I'm good to go.  If I'm  really feeling special, I'll use a brush.

With a bad haircut, pieces stick up in unruly patterns.  With a bad haircut, my bangs dip into my eyes, crazy making for TBG.  I'm blessed with heavy tresses, which lay flat on my skull unless they are properly freed.  Finding someone with talent and skill and without bad breath or annoying mannerisms has never been easy for me.

I found Jesse through a Group On, figuring $30 was as much as I would wager on a new person.  I was the only Group On purchaser to become a steady client.  Apparently, the switch to a full price session was more than most Group On buyers were willing to take on.  But I loved him and G'ma loved him and Little Cuter thought he was absolutely perfect.

I liked talking about my family with someone who'd been intimately involved in their personal care.  I liked hearing about his siblings and his parents and his Halloween decorating.  We were in one another's lives, catching up ever 4 or 5 weeks.  Relationships like these don't grow on trees.

He handed me off to the shop's owner, and my haircut today was fantastic.  She cut it dry, because Wet Hair Lies.  She snipped and fluffed and left me perfectly coiffed.... but curiously empty inside.

The haircut was fabulous, but I miss my Jesse.


  1. I have a 'Jesse'. I would be bereft if he left. ;) Glad you found someone who seems to 'get' your hair.

    1. Bereft is the word. I wanted to put flowers on his old station....

  2. My "jesse" left two years ago and I am on my second hairdresser since having been passed along. "Jesse's" successors were chosen due to their ability to use the brand of color that gets painted on every 6 weeks.

  3. I got a haircut yesterday. I have been with Kandi for quite a few years now. Tom asked me what we talked about. I said I told her all about our latest family drama. I said I tell her things I don't tell a lot of other people because it's safe. We are only in each other's lives in that chair. That hair cutter relationship is a special one.

  4. I feel your pain! I am also blessed with thick, wonderful hair that is naturally wavy, or even curly at the right length. But it has been years since I had someone who really gets it. I find people who almost get it, at least while they're still paying attention & before they go back into the routine one size fits all cut. As soon as I hear them say, "So, I'll take off 1/4" all over, right?" I know I'm in trouble!
    So I'm still seeking.

  5. I'd rather get a new doctor than a new hair dresser. That is the worst, I know. When my stylist changed locations, I've started going to the cheapie hair salon you see in every strip corner My hair is also a brush and go. I figure they can't mess it up too bad, but I still miss my long time lady.


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