Thursday, January 28, 2016

There was breakfast in the big girl chair, once again.
Mommy is not too pleased with me, but I'm ignoring her.
FlapJilly is happy to be there, and that's all that matters to me.
We went to the big library in Naperville.
The kids' area is different from the children's libraries I knew as a child.
Toys, play rugs, noise.... it was a welcoming space with no shushing. 
Family Story Time was nearly 100 kids and grown ups in a sunny, carpeted auditorium.
The librarian had a microphone and a projector to display the pages on the screen and a lovely felt board right in front of us.
FlapJilly was enthralled.  
We danced and listened and danced some more.
The Hokey Pokey is ubiquitous; she remembered it from Music Class and had a great time shaking it all about.

Grandma was hungry after all that fun, so we hit Panera for some mac and cheese.

After some initial exploration,
my apple became her dessert.
She was quite serious about choosing her bites.  
Her precision amused the other grandparents in the surrounding chairs.
We shared the love, agreeing that FlapJilly made everything taste much better.

After we napped, in separate rooms but for exactly the same amount of time,
it was tie to throw some balls around the family room.
Climbing up on the ottoman was a new trick, and the applause was overwhelming.
We dumped and picked up and dumped and picked up the balls... over and over and over again.
I really tried to have the house cleaned up by the time her parents returned, but I failed.
They didn't seem to care.
That made everyone smile.

We listened to Pandora kids radio and danced and kicked balls and dunked balls in the hoop and played peek a boo and then it was time for dinner.
I've never seen a toddler eat lox before.  
I sent my siblings this picture, though I'm not sure what point I was trying to make.
Perhaps I just needed to share the joy.


  1. Another busy day for Grandma. I bet you are sleeping well.
    Your little one is so cute!

  2. When the grandgirl comes over I feel like every moment has to be snapped and saved. I know I won't forget but I just have to share.

    1. I put the memories in the permanent storage bank every night, Barbara!


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