Friday, April 15, 2022

What's The DIfference?

An Indicator Light was illuminated on The UV's dashboard.  The manual referenced the key, but I had changed the battery at Christmas-time and that seemed to be the only thing the manual thought might be a problem.

I stopped by the dealership and was told to make an appointment since the something-or-other-with-the-something-else needed to be replaced.  I nodded along and made the appointment as soon as I got home and on the computer.  

Why he didn't offer to make the appointment while I was there was and remains a mystery.... but not the only mystery.

I dropped it off and picked it up and there was no charge.  The fix was covered by the warranty extension and Honda is picking up the tab.  I asked the Service Guy to repeat himself, and he did, and I signed the paper and left.

I wasn't going to offer to pay for something that the manufacturer was willing to comp me, but I was confused.  I don't have an extended warranty on The UV, but that seems to be different than the warranty extension, which seems to be more like a recall without an announcement.

I suppose I could have asked.


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