Monday, April 25, 2022

A Full Heart

I brought Caps for Sale to Grandma's Garden this morning, just as kindergarten was finishing their recess.  She of the Many Names brought her class to the gate, where I welcomed new friends, explained the rules (no talking when I'm talking; no walking on the beds; be nice), and invited them in to the most special place at Prince Elementary School.  

They sat quietly and listened to the story, until it was time to imitate the monkeys' actions and noises.  They were very good at that.  We looked up into the sweet acacia tree and imagined all those monkeys and all those caps and then it was time to collect their stickers and get back to the indoor business of kindergarten.

All the while, outside the pony wall separating the garden from the playground, a row of bigger kids stood quietly, smiling, nodding, shaking their pretend-monkey fists right along with the little ones..  Just as they did when I read the story to them when they were in kindergarten, they laughed out loud, they named the colors of the caps, and they tsk tsk tsk'ed along with those monkeys up in the tree.  

It was 20 minutes of pure joy.  


  1. Wonderful! Good for you for sharing that joy.

  2. Caps for Sale is probably next on the list for being banned in Florida -- we certainly don't want children getting familiar with monkeys as that is a step too close to the idea of evolution! (I do hope you understand this is total sarcasm.)

  3. I so enjoy your time with the kids. I retire this Friday, and I think about the grade school in my neighborhood and how I could donate some of my time to them. You inspire me!


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