Friday, April 8, 2022

Suddenly, It's Summertime

Last week the nighttime temperatures were low enough to warrant a sweatshirt for cocktails on the patio.  There was hail. 

Today, we swam.

The plants need me to up their watering schedule.  They are showing their displeasure by drooping, sadly,  their lack of perkiness silently remonstrating with me.   

I need to up my own watering schedule as well. An Arizona mantra is drink before you get thirsty.  It's taking twice as many trips to the tap to fill my water bottles to keep up with that.  

Other people's roses are in full bloom.  Mine are just starting to peek out.  It's peak planting time, as the ground is warm but not hot, perfect for nurturing tender new root shoots.  I'm going to consult with an Irrigation Specialist Not-Kathy found.... because it's summer and irrigation is what you think about in summer.

I'm wondering where my sandals are, and looking askance at the sweaters that are crowding the most convenient cubbies in my closet.  My dark t-shirts don't beckon the way they did just a very short time ago; pale green and bright yellow make me smile.

I bought three types of sunscreen and sprayed myself diligently before venturing outside this morning.  With more of my skin exposed, there's more to spray.  Determining the right combination - before swim, for the face, driving in the car, not wanting to feel sticky - will take some time, but since it's really only just become springtime, there are still a lot of choices on the shelves.

I love feeling this way in April.


  1. I was just reading Connie's post in Minnesota. They have snow piling up again after never having quite had the winter snow melt.
    Enjoy your warmth.

    1. I cringe when I read weather reports from other places. I'm ever grateful to live here, believe me.


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