Monday, April 18, 2022

How Did We Get So Lucky?

Did you have a lovely Easter Sunday?  Did you have more than one egg hunt, like FlapJilly and Giblet did?   Did you have a delicious dinner, like we did?  Were you surrounded by people who made you smile?

When JannyLou and Fast Eddie moved away, we were bereft..... but not for long.  We have long talks on the phone and on-line and she's come to visit overnight.  And they sold their house to another wonderful couple, retirees who, like us, traveled around the country for two years until they found the house they wanted.

How lucky that it was right next door to us.

They are learning about pack rats and the perils of desert gardening and the mysteries of a new-to-them domicile.  We've shared our pool guy and our pack rat guy and I have to remember to give her the contact information for our handyman.  And this afternoon we went over for Easter Sunday dinner.  

TBG looked for the recycling in their kitchen and I found myself saying second cabinet on the left ... and laughing with my new neighbor at my familiarity with her house.  

It's different and the same - smart, warm, welcoming humans who really know how to cook, and who live right next door.... which is exactly the right distance to travel for good company.

How did we get so lucky?


  1. That all sounds great! And yes, we did have an egg hunt and delicious dinner and family around us, but it did take some working out. Read about it on my blog.

    1. Eating together through a glass door.... brilliant!


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