Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Delightful Surprise

Not-Kathy recommended an irrigation specialist.  Not-Kathy is the handiest handyperson I've ever known; she made a bathroom, and a greenhouse, and did tiling and painting and woodworking and installed a solar heating system for the pool (which never really worked because it came from China and all the specs were Chinese-style, not American compatible).  

She's tough on vendors.  She knows what goes into every project, and if she has to hire an outsider to help her she's certain that they do the  job well, don't cut corners, and don't charge more than their time and labor demands.

Did I mention that Not-Kathy is also the most frugal person I've ever known?  What she can do with abused furniture is on beautiful display in their home.  

So, when she told me that she had found the perfect person for her own home, I immediately asked for the contact information and booked an appointment with J for this morning.  

J arrived right on time, getting right to the project, examining as she was explaining, pulling weeds as she wandered the property and putting them in her pockets  I'm a little OCD on the subject of these suckers was her response when I told her that the yard guys are coming tomorrow and they'll take care of them all at once.

She found leaks and animal destroyed connectors and where all the water in Zones 1 and 3 come out.  Zone 2 is a mystery to us both.  We heard the valve click on, but saw no water anywhere.  Not to worry, J's on the case.

She made a list of what parts needed replacing and what needed to be purchased, and was delighted to see my roll of tubing so we don't have to buy any of that.  Instead of a contractor racking up items to purchase and profit from,  J was looking to save me money at every turn.  My control box is a nice little item, simple to use, once we establish what's what.  No major structural changes are required.  Everything on the shopping list is plastic and small and inexpensive.

Her solution was elegant and frugal and environmentally sound. I don't have to rip up and discard anything that exists, the solution previous estimates were predicated upon.  I have to replace worn out emitters, create a berm to hold water around the lemon tree, plug leaks - all normal garden maintenance tasks.  J is doing all the thinking.  I can do as much of the work as I want to do; she'll charge a reasonable rate to do it herself.  

I was so happy after her visit.  


  1. Between Not-Kathy and J, you are set. Good help can be hard to find. You found some!


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