Monday, April 11, 2022

An Apology

(After an hour of frustration with Comcast, I'm finally able to post this.)

Last week I posted about the lackluster performance of my roses. I feel that I must apologize to them.

They are showing up everywhere.  They are outside our bedroom window.
They are in the front courtyard
and in the backyard

And it's not only the roses that are strutting their stuff. The lemon tree is flowering 
which is a hopeful sign that there will be Meyer lemons aplenty this summer,  and the yucca I rescued from the middle school's discard like many years ago is, for the first time, blooming. 
The soap tree blooms are now sad and dessicated, though.

I ought to remember : You can't fool with Mother Nature. She operates on her own timetable. 

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