Monday, September 28, 2020

Good People

Look at the wonderfulness that is the Tucson Quilters Guild:
Katherine the Stitch Wizard made a few dozen for Prince Elementary School earlier in the Pandemic.  When she heard that we needed 600 of them (have you ever known a little kid not to lose something?) she didn't quail.  She got to work.
There are 100 in each bag.

Sitting at home, stewing in my own juices, unable to get out and do, I seethe with frustration.  Then friends of friends step up and make my day and I realize that who I am and who I know doesn't stop at my front door.  I'm on my couch, at my desk, but the tendrils I sent out into the world have brought joy and beauty to those I try to serve.  

Reading the teachers' comments on Facebook, where the Guild showcased these photos, warmed the cockles of my heart.  If I can't be there in person (per my doctor and my children's orders) those who I've touched are reaching out and doing the touching.

Life is good.


  1. Are your students back on campus? A few of the private schools with very small numbers of students have gone back to the physical classroom but the public schools are remaining virtual.

    1. They are going back on Oct 12th (at least that's the current plan). Mon/THurs, Tues/Fri cohorts, with everyone remote learning on Weds. No visitors or volunteers. FlapJilly has been back full time for 2 weeks now. She has her own portable tri-fold plastic shield that "makes an office just like Mommy's" on her desk. The social piece is wonderful; the parental anxiety piece not so much.


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