Friday, September 18, 2020


Yes, my generic for Crestor statin will still be covered by my insurance in 2021..

No, it will no longer be a Tier 1 (read $0 co-pay) drug.  It will now cost $10 a month.

No one seems to know why, not Rose at WellCare, not Amy at the doctor's office, not TBG watching sports talking heads.  

TBG did remind me that we can afford $120 a year to keep me healthy; we both took a moment to recognize the privilege.  

But I am a frugal sort, and the notion of spending money when it isn't necessary bothers me.  Yet I remember how long it took to get my cholesterol under control, and I'm reluctant to change ships when this one is sailing along quite nicely, thank you very much.

I feel as though the universe is conspiring against me.  

In an effort to take control of the situation, I am changing prescriptions to a similar generic (this one for Lipitor) and will have blood work drawn on December 2nd.  

I'll let the facts decide for me, not the insurance company.  If the faux Lipitor doesn't work, I'll go back to what did work and smile at the universe.  Some things are just not worth getting in a tizzy over.


  1. I don't know that it'd save you money but we have used OptumRx for years because we can get 3 months at once. When we had to get one of the prescriptions filled locally, it was more money per month. I like using local but like mail order real well as it is convenient and now avoids stores. Controlled substances come to the door but they make it easier to sign for to avoid the virus risk. and still 3 months

    1. Yes, the price quoted was $30.15/90 days. I wrote it that way for "literary flow" :-)
      If I didn't trust my doctor, I wouldn't even try this. But if she thinks it's okay, then I'll give it a go. Putting my faith in another is risky, a-typical for me, but, in this case I will lean on the fact that she went to med school and I didn't, and that the facts are going to make the decision. There was no arguing when I asked for blood work to be sure.

  2. The drug companies and insurances are all doing a dance. I'm with TBG, you can afford $120 a year for your health. And be grateful for the privilege.

  3. 90 days worth of 20mg Crestor at Costco is $11.96 (total). Go to GoodRX dot com and check it out. Drug prices are just stupid. Something to keep in mind if the generic Lipitor doesn't work for you.


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