Friday, September 11, 2020

Happy BIrthday, Christina-Taylor

You'd be 19 today.  

No doubt you'd be taller than I am.  

No doubt you'd be doing my little errands because taking care of others was embedded in your soul.  

You'd be excited to vote in your first Presidential Election.  I see you registering 1st time voters who become incapable of refusing your entreaties, because you are still a force of nature.

I see you treasuring FlapJilly and Giblet as your own little faux niece and nephew, because, in your life,  there were never too many people to love.

I ran across a picture of you standing, arms akimbo, staring me down for some long-forgotten reason, at the Reid Park Zoo, on the group tour when you charmed the entire Cornell Club of Southern Arizona with your questions and your enthusiasm.  I laughed through the tears that appeared out of nowhere.  You were a presence, kiddo, an honest to God presence.

I carry you with me, in my heart, every day.  You encourage me and annoy me and laugh at me and you're never far when I need you.  I miss you every day.

(and, it's 9/11, which, for me, somehow, takes second place)


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