Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sports Are Back - A Snippet

He's totally absorbed.  Starting with the Tour de France early in the morning, through the talking heads who finally have something to talk about, to basketball and football all evening and through most of the night.  

I've read novels.  I've written Get Out The Vote postcards.  I've crocheted a gigantic round afghan, along with several dozen baby hats.  I've spent too much time playing Candy Crush Saga.  I've written letters instead of emails.  

I'm next to him on Douglas, without my hearing aids.  My mind is elsewhere, except when his hand reaches out for mine, or his sharp inhale begs for my attention.  

I'm with him and I'm without him.  

Before Pandemica, I'd have spent the days with friends, doing the things TBG doesn't do.  During Pandemica,  my options are more limited.

I'm really glad that TBG can go to his happy places with just a flick of the remote. Really, I am.  Any return to even a semblance of normal life is welcome.  

But, I miss him.


  1. We are happy to have sports back too, but we limit our watching to our local soccer and football teams and we watch together. We have a soccer match tonight! It's good to have this entertainment to look forward to.

    1. I am so over watching other people play!
      Glad you two have something you enjoy together :-)

  2. I've always been grateful that I married someone as indifferent to sports as I am. We enjoy watching bike racing and that is it. Did you watch much of the tour? It was the best one in years, because we did not know who would win until the penultimate stage.

    1. The finish was so exciting! His first time riding and he won! I can watch the cycling bc I love the scenery.


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