Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Someone Lovely to Contemplate

I should be writing about Kamala Harris.  100 years after white women were able to vote, a woman of color has just become the presumptive nominee in 2024.  

But, like most sane humans, I'd be voting for Biden no matter which of the women (or men, before that became untenable) he chose from his list.  As several talking heads have noted, the deep pool of qualified women of all shapes and sizes and colors speaks very well of the Democrats in general.  Now, I can revel in imagining Sen. Harris skewering VP Pence in whatever debate format he consents to be bbq'ed upon, while contemplating a Biden/Harris ticket, if I felt like thinking about anything serious at all..

But my aches are still aching and I'm leaning on the herbal heating pillow (the smell of which nauseates TBG so I have to hide away as I soothe) and I'm thinking about Little Cuter's friend and her brand new baby.

We started out living within biking distance; carpooling to soccer practise was a no brainer.  Her mom and I drove to the away games, playing endless games of gin rummy in a variety of interesting motels all over Northern California.  Her dad and TBG share a birthday.  Her parents were married on the same Sunday in August, just one year earlier than we were.  

I've followed her life, from near and far, since she was 7; we've always seemed intertwined.

And now, she's a mom to E4, with the smiles and the pictures to prove it.  

How this is possible remains a mystery to me.  After all, I'm the same as I was when she was 7, or 10, or 16 or when she first saw snow (in Marin, in our backyard)..... am I not?  Those memories are fresh, able to be called up with the briefest suggestion.  Time passes quickly, without my noticing that it's gone.

And then, in this world, there is E4, a testament to the passing years, a ray of sunshine in Pandemic '01. It's so nice to have something delightful to think about. Welcome to the world, little one.  Just by being, you've made my day.

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