Friday, August 21, 2020


I heard Michelle.  I heard Kristen.  I heard Khizr Khan.

I watched the best roll call ever, crying with Matthew Shepard's parents, enjoying the flowered shirts and the little kids standing stock still with signs (except the girl in the pink, who ran away as soon as she could).  I want some Rhode Island calamari.

As Big Cuter put it, every time I hear Barack Obama speak it's like a present.  On Wednesday night, he warned America of what is to come if we don't get off the couch and vote.  Nicolle and Joy and Rachel were giggling like sorority sisters as they manned (womanned?) MSNBC's analysis desk; I loved it when they cut away from the Convention for a moment to share the laughs.

I sat mesmerized as Nicolle Wallace laid out the background behind a former POTUS stepping up and slamming a current POTUS.  She was in the room.  She knows whereof she speaks; her remarks are terrifying and should be required listening for everyone who still thinks that DJT is qualified to hold office.... any office.... anywhere.

And then there was Gabby.

It's 4 months shy of a decade since she was able to put together a sentence without effort.  4 months shy of a decade of daily therapy.  4 months shy of joining us together in pain and recovery and inspiration.... because that is what the last 10 years have been like.  

I wish I could find a clip of the full video that preceded her speech.  She plays the Star Spangled on her french horn.  That takes a lot of breath, a lot of control, a lot of remembering.  She sits with her therapist, practising her speech.  Then she walks, without a cane, without much of a limp, from one side of the staged set to the podium.  Every single moment was inspirational; I've watched her struggle with each and every part of what went into those feats... and yes, feats they are.  I was drenched in tears before she opened her mouth.  Here's what she had to say

Courage.  Determination.  Getting up every day to do what needs to be done.  Once again, Gabby Giffords inspired me, as I hope she inspired those who might be considering sitting this one out.  

She is my hero.


  1. My heart opened so much watching the convention -- a sense of hope that has been missing for too long.

  2. I too feel hopeful after watching the convention. And I feel assured of the goodness of our platform and our candidates and our efforts to make this country whole again. I keep wondering what more I could be doing as I stay safe but isolated in my comfortable home, working on my own recovery from surgery.


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