Wednesday, August 19, 2020

First Grade

She's wearing her black and grey dress, the one she's worn to her last 3 birthday parties, the one that twirls fabulously, the one that still fits her and makes her smile after all these years.  The choice was a no-brainer.

She knows that her best friend from kindergarten will be in her class this year, too, as will another one of the girls in their crowd.  Her teacher's name is Miss Happy.

On Tuesday, she went to her school and to pick up her packet.  She'll got her own Chromebook, because today she'll meet her classmates at an 8am meeting on a screen at her own workstation in her own home, as her parents work on their own computers at their own workstations.  

There's a full day's worth of activities planned, according to one of the many emails from the District.  There will be synchronous and non-synchronous learning.  There will be a parent available when the technology gets in the way of the learning.

It's not taking the bus with the boys down the street.  It's not playing on the playground or eating cafeteria food.  But it's First Grade in the 21st Century, and she's embracing it with all her might.

Congratulations on making it to The Grades, FlapJilly.  I know you'll crush it.


  1. Nice that she had the experience of preschool and kindergarten for early socialization experiences. And hopefully, there will be answers for the coronavirus (including sounds like a new one showing up in Asia) and children can get together again.

    1. She LOVED it! Just seeing the other kids' faces made her happy, I think. Yes, we are glad she had socialization in preschool and day care and kindergarten. Today, she played Barbies after school and I watched on FaceTime... socializing with Gramma long distance works, too


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