Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Feeling Hopeful - A Snippet

It started with Greta and climate change, moved through the Parkland kids and gun safety, and ended with  college football players taking on the NCAA.  I'm feeling very hopeful about the youngest generation, the ones who are the same age that I was when we shut down colleges, stopped a war, and challenged a president or two.  

After a day tangling with bureaucracy and feeling blue, I turned my attention to the sports talking heads and saw, once again, the power of that cohort when it is marshalled for social change.  Football players in the Pac 12 started with Keep Us Safe and moved into reclaiming rights to their own likenesses, adding a bit of share the wealth along the way.  

Flexing your muscles feels good these days.  Watching others do it feels good too.  

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