Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Happy Birthday, Auntie M

You can play anything with strings.  Your brother says it with certainty and I have no reason to doubt him. You are the only person I ever knew who had a harp in her living room.

You taught the most challenging students, and they learned.  American history is living and breathing through your photographs.  Lighthouses and formal gardens and more give us glimpses into the past you've discovered and shared.  

You saw a need and created a Gifted and Talented program for the state of Maryland, even though your own gifted and talented child had graduated before you saw your work come to fruition.  

You are the keeper of the family history, the one who chases down documents and photographs and hands down bracelets and stories from generations past.  

You are a mom and a wife and a friend and an aunt and the best sister-in-law a girl could imagine.  You listen.  When you speak, you have something to say.  You are kind and generous and never miss an opportunity to send a card....... which reminds me to use quarantine as an excuse when I call to sing Happy Birthday.... although you are probably reading this on the East Coast well before I'm awake here in the desert..... so


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