Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Monday in Grandma's Garden

It's been cool and rainy and the plants are so happy.
So are the kindergarten girls who begged me to let them spend recess in my garden.
After admiring the faux fir collar on the stunning pink coat, we went in to harvest.
There were enough tiny tomatoes to serve everyone one.
"Just pop it in your mouth," was my answer to their quizzical looks.  
Everybody tried it, which was all I asked.
Some of them loved it.  Others spit it out on the grass.  

We all agreed that a mandarin orange would cleanse our palates, so we walked to the tree and I harvested one.... and then another one...... and then they went off to find something new.

 Underneath a lot of very healthy leaves, they found a radish.
It poked its red head above the soil, turning a seed into an edible delight.  
Wiping off most of the dirt, digging out the plastic fork from the garden bench, I described our home grown vegetable as crunchy with a big taste.  Their faces confirmed the second part - this is a seriously flavorful radish.  I cut small slices on the garden's brick wall,
 beside a Thank You pot of paper posies from a class of Prince Scholars.  

We're closing the distance between farm and table, one 6 year old's mouth at a time.


  1. It tickles me that all four girls are wearing pink :-)

    1. I noticed that, too :-) Girly Girls no matter where they were born!


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