Friday, November 1, 2019

Tidying Grandma's Garden

Look what she's wearing while she's watering the Hanging Garden.
Boots.  Jeans.  A long sleeve jacket.
Fall has come to Tucson.  It was in the 70's today, and everyone was wearing warm clothes.
Filling the pitchers requires skill and patience; it's a talent possessed by a rare few. 
Nobody was enthusiastic about getting wet today, except one kindergartener who proudly stood before me, arms spread wide, declaring "Grandma Suzi, I'm all wet!"
"Well, that's what happens when you stand in front of an open hose nozzle," I laughed and told him to go play in the sun and dry off.

There is always weeding to be done.  
Reaching is required, since there's no stepping in the Mandarin Orange tree's planting bowl. 
And, as always, there is raking.
I don't know why they love it, but they do. 
Today, we piled the detritus into neat piles
loaded it into the barrow 
wheeled it out to the garbage can where we one-two-three-lifted and dumped the dust and dirt . 
We were really strong.

Somebody wanted a picture in front of the garlic chives she planted.
Grandma Suzi was happy to oblige.
And sometimes, you just want to be alone.
Burying the new irrigation tubing was perfect for that. 
Grandma's Garden has something for everybody,
especially Grandma.

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